We are delighted to collaborate with "Botschaft" for the B-LA CONNECT Project. 
 L'oiseau présente/Botschaft will show artists from Dalton Warehouse in the Botschaft, Uferhallen. Dalton Warehouse is a projectspace in Los Angeles.


"Parallels to a Fictional Universe"

"There is the question, what kind of universe do we exist in, and what kind of parallel universes are possible? The artists selected instinctually expand upon this notion in their practices and explore their individual worlds.
Lydia Maria Pfeffer takes from folklore, myths, and stories and makes up an imagined cosmos where her shapeshifters and hybrids live. Keith Tolch paints a universe that include bits and components reminiscent of video games and internet culture to examine a digitized brainscape. Matthew Sweesy populates his painting worlds with childlike imagery that is used as a tool to meditate through the fears and anxieties of adulthood. Katie Kirk explores a colorful and abstract macrocosm that is both gestural and aware, balancing between the parts and the whole. Garry Noland uses unusual materials to build fictional landscapes that undulate between sculpture and painting. Overall, the artwork in this show provides a cerebral treasure trove, each world described is a glimpse that viewers can take home and expand upon on......"

Dalton Warehouse​ is a collaborative 3,400 sf studio and exhibition space located in South Central LA, and run by artists: ​Aubrey Ingmar Manson​, ​Lydia Maria Pfeffer​, ​Daniel Schubert ​and ​Keith Tolch​. We believe in engaging and expanding a growing art community open to thought and provocation through a democratic system developed in our own sphere.
Dalton Warehouse
447 E. 32nd St.
Los Angeles, CA, @daltonwarehouse 

Artists in Berlin-LA Exchange:
Katie Kirk
Andrew Holmquist 
Aubrey Ingmar Manson 
Daniel A. McKee
Lydia Maria Pfeffer 
Garry Noland
Matthew Sweesy
Keith Tolch
Tessie Salcido Whitmore

June 7 at 5pm
Botschaft, Uferstraße 8-11, 13357 Berlin


B-LA CONNECT is a platform to promote the cooperation and interlinking between the two sister cities’ creative communities.
Over the next two years a major exhibition and exchange project is scheduled to take place between artist/curator run project spaces and collectives from Berlin and Los Angeles:
In June 2019, 20 art spaces from Los Angeles will exhibit in 22 art spaces from Berlin. The interdisciplinary program includes art exhibitions, film screenings, performances, talks, and more.
The following year, in 2020, the Berlin art spaces will travel to LA for a return visit.
B-LA CONNECT understands itself as an international cultural exchange on a grass-roots level. It brings together members of different art spheres and scenes from both cities. New opportunities for interacting and connecting with each other are created and extended locally inside and transnationally between the two cities.
In the sense of a positive globality B-LA CONNECT seeks to advance the cultural partnership between Berlin and Los Angeles. B-LA CONNECT wants to celebrate urban diversity, show presence and stand against reactionary forces. Berlin and Los Angeles share the urban self-image of being the world in small, a place of cultural diversity and individual freedom. In light of the rising authoritarian and regressive currents worldwide the two cities stand for a liberal and cosmopolitan openness towards the world.
B-LA CONNECT wants to build bridges where others erect walls. 
Lydia Maria Pfeffer
Katie Kirk
Lydia Maria Pfeffer, Matthew Sweesy, Keith Tolch
Aubrey Ingmar Manson
Andrew Holmquist
Daniel A.McKee
Cady Noland
Tessie Salcido Whitmore