21. - 29. Juni.2014
+air, Ian Andrews, Richard Dunn, Lynne Eastaway, Sophia Egarcos, Billy Gruner, PJ Hickman, Suzie Idiens, Kyle Jenkins, Sarah Kieghery, Jeremy Kirwan-Ward, Andrew Leslie, Ruark Lewis, Adrian Mcdonald, Trevor Richards, Helen Smith, Ken Villa, Giles Ryder and friends of SNO, John Aslanidis, Lucio Auri, Guy Benefield, Surya Gied, Mit Jai Inn, Michael Kutschbach, Pierre Juillerat, Tim Stapel and Benedikt Terwiel
curated by
SNO, Sydney Australia

"L´oiseau présente" is pleased to announce the exhibition of "Sydney Non Objective" artists group and friends. This unique exhibition looks at some Australian 21st century approaches to non objective art.

"Sydney Non Objective Contemporary Art Projects" is an artist run initiative set up in 2005 to provide an alternative critical position within contemporary Australian art supported by a curated public exhibition and education program. As part of this it has established a number of important projects which include a focus on providing support to young and emerging artists, the development of international networks with similar artist collectives in Europe and the USA, a resulting series of international exchanges and exhibitions, the inclusion of a parallel soundwork and performance program and regular lectures and seminars aimed at increasing awareness of contemporary non objective art.

Since 2005 SNO has held 83 monthly exhibitions showing the work of more than 350 artists at its Marrickville project space as well as organising exhibitions within Australia, Europe and the USA. This is SNO’s first exhibition in Berlin in conjunction with the artist group "L’oiseau présente"at the Ballhaus Ost.

In turn Nicola Stäglich, artist of "L’oiseau presente" will stage an exhibition of 
14 abstract artists from Berlin at SNO in September 2012.

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Guy Benfield, Ruark Lewis, +air,  Billy Gruner, Surya Gied (2), Helen Smith, Benedikt Terwiel, John Aslanidis,
Suzie Idiens, Mit Jai Inn 

Giles Ryder (2 left), Andrew Leslie

Kyle Jenkins, Lynne Eastaway, Sarah Kieghery, Richard Dunn (3), Ken Villa, Pierre Juillerat, Adrian McDonald 

Tim Stapel, Trevor Richards, Sophia Egarcos

Lucio Auri